[Scons-users] Getting scons to work on windows

Philipp Kraus philipp.kraus at flashpixx.de
Sun Sep 8 07:28:52 EDT 2013


I used SCons on Windows with Cygwin and MSVC , but I use two
installations. On Cygwin I have installed Cygwins python and installed
on a directory eg /cygwin/c/opt/cygwin/scons SCons from tha tar.gz file
(call setup.py with --prefix).
After that I set the PATH variable to the Cygwin SCons installation directory.
On Windows MSVC, I installed "Windows Python" and SCons from the MSI package.

This does not create any problems in both systems and works well


On 2013-09-08 04:50:44 +0000, Mark Brunson said:

> I installed it with the windows setup.exe file found here

> http://www.scons.org/download.php on the right side of the page. I'm

> assuming that it installed the Cygwin version, because scons.bat does

> not exist on my computer. I installed Cygwin, changed the path entry to

> C:\Python27\ArcGIS10.1\Lib\site-packages\scons-2.3.0\SCons, and tried

> running scons from the Cygwin terminal, but I get 


> "-bash: scons: command not found"


> When I search through the installed directory, there aren't any .sh

> files either.


> >The interaction between SCons and Cygwin isn't spelled out.

> >

> >1. Did you install the native version of SCons or the Cygwin version of

> >   SCons?

> >

> >2. Are you trying to run SCons from the Windows command line (cmd.exe)

> >   or a Cygwin shell?

> >

> >Any combination can be made to work, but if there's disagreement between

> >the "Cygwin-ness" of the shell and SCons you have to take extra steps.

> >This is because Cygwin shells don't know how to run .bat files (of which

> >native 'scons' is one), and likewise the Windows shell doesn't know how

> >to run Cygwin-bash shell scripts (of which Cygwin 'scons' is one).

> >

> >Evan

> >

> >On 9/7/2013 9:17 PM, Mark Brunson wrote:

> >> Sorry for repeating myself here, but I really need to get scons to run.

> >>

> >> After running the installer, what specifically do you need to do to be

> >> able to use scons from the command line? I've looked into adding it to

> >> the path, but I either did this wrong or it doesn't help.

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